Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I finally caved and purchased a tacky infomercial item: The ReacherGrabber. Well, actually a PikStik. Was there ever an infomercial for the PikStik? Whatever, it was the best reviewed brand on Amazon. I've kinda wanted one for years because of a black hole behind our washer/dryer. I bought shelves to prevent items - and the cats - from ending up in this black hole, but I have not leveled up enough on my carpentry skills and failed in my installation attempt. The husband man said he'd install them but, well, I pick my battles and have put the nagging to other, higher priority needs. So, for the three or four years we've lived here, the black hole has collected a variety of towels, socks, bottles of cleaning supplies, boxes of baggies, etc. But then a box of croutons fell back there and I'd had enough. You may take my dishcloths, but you can not take my croutons!

The tool did it's job exactly as I hoped, and I only banged my head on the cabinets once retrieving the myriad of items. But the image on the card stock backing for my PikStik does not depict my experience of crouching on a washer delving into a dusty crevice.

Look at this poor, but blankly happy, lady in her strange predicament. She seems to have misplaced her wine glass. On top of the cupboards. Because that's a really common place to casually set a single piece of barware. If this is a common party foul, I've been leaving my coasters out in the wrong areas when I have people over. Or maybe this is where she hides her wine and pills out of sight and reach of the kiddos and hubby. That would certainly explain her empty grin. But why does she need to hide the glass as well as the happy-making substances? I'm confused.

While I don't plan on needing my PikStik to retrieve errant stemware from many feet above my head, and despite the husband man's teasing at my purchase (I would've thought he'd be happy to have that pastel pink and green striped Paul Smith dress sock reunited with its mate), I'm happy with my new product. So neener neener, naysayers. I said neener neener.

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