Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lara Cameron

I've been a fan of Australian artist Lara Cameron's designs since Walter discovered her moo cards awhile back. Her use of color and composition immediately caught my fancy. Lara's designs have given us memorable business, greeting, and holiday cards that garner many compliments. Our love of these cards led us to discover her fun personal blog which in turn led me to her business and products, which are so great I must share them.

Lara creates whimsical patterns which she applies to textiles and stationery. Her blogs contain truly creative uses for her beautiful products, like these tissue box covers. Plus, the images of the screenprinting process she uses on her fabrics have gotten me really excited for the binding and printmaking class I begin in January.

Lara now has an online shop where you can buy items from her business, Ink & Spindle. These would make excellent gifts (just a hint I thought I'd throw out there, since my birthday IS coming up soon). If you enjoy Lara's work, be sure to check out the Ink & Spindle blog. I'm really looking forward to her 2009 releases. Here's a sneak peak of a design she calls antique keys, which she promises will be out forthwith:

Thursday, December 25, 2008


I love lip balm. You might even say I'm addicted to it. I'm always buying new kinds, sampling textures and scents. And there's nothing worse than lip balm applied to dry, sore lips that doesn't do its job. You apply and apply, and the only effect is an annoying waxy build up on top of your still dry, sore lips.

Well, the point of this little rant is to introduce one of my new favorite products, Ganache for Lips. This rich, creamy shea butter balm lives up to its decadent name. It's all natural and actually moisturizes, rather than just sitting on top of your lips doing nothing. As a bonus, it comes in luscious scents. Most are chocolate based, as the name suggests, but my personal favorite is Lemon Mousse.

Speaking of ganache, I thought I'd share another creamy, chocolatey love of mine. Here's my current favorite breakfast/post-workout snack, adapted from a recipe my Mom often blended up for me before school.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana "Milk Shake"

1 banana, in chunks
1 c light soy milk
2 T creamy all natural peanut butter (they all work great, but Smart Balance's gives the smoothest, creamiest results AND contains Omega-3's!)
2 T powdered chocolate milk mix (I use no sugar added Nesquik, or Light Chocolate VitaSoy and leave out the powder)
Small handful ice

Toss it all in the blender until smooth. Mmmmm!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Lindsay Garvey Portraiture

I came across Lindsay Garvey rather randomly. As I should be in need of a photographer shortly, I wanted to be sure I didn't lose track of this Napa based artist. Her photography has a vintage-y feel, and ranges from kitchsy to gritty. I'm quite smitten.