Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Anytime Muffins

My baking skills fall solidly in the mix-and-scoop (cookies) and the mix-and-dump (brownies, muffins, some cakes) variety. Luckily, I prefer savory and salty foods, so, other than the occasional croissant, would rather spend my calories elsewhere. But when I find a baked goods recipe that actually doesn't waste too many of those precious calories AND seems to fall within my limited capabilities, I figure why the heck not? This week I mixed-and-dumped up a batch of Blueberry Applesauce Muffins from the Volumetrics cookbook. This recipe replaces a quarter of the flour with whole wheat flour and butter with applesauce and low fat buttermilk. It's also reduced in sugar and uses only one egg and a minuscule amount of oil - just a teaspoon for the whole batch. Yes, please!

They came out soft, chewy, and very moist. Just sweet enough - not too dessertish for breakfast or a snack. They were even better at room temperature the next day. Great on their own, I also enjoyed one topped with SmartBalance light buttery spread and cinnamon sugar.

For this and other recipes that fill you up with fewer calories, get your hands on a copy of The Volumetrics Eating Plan by Barbara Rolls, Ph.D. It's a little meat and sweets heavy for my tastes (could really use some more seafood, grains, and veggies recipes), but it does have some good ideas, and it turns meat dishes into mostly-veggie dishes - my kind of meat dish!

Sorry only pictures and no recipe. I had it all typed out, but just couldn't bring myself to reproduce someone else's work, especially when I hadn't altered it even the tiniest bit. I had visions of angry cease-and-desist emails from corporate lawyers. *shudder* So the best I can do is tell you that the recipe exceeded expectations and suggest you give the cookbook a try. But friends can certainly borrow my book, of course (i.e. upon request I'll send you a pic of the page the recipe is on).

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