Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Not So Successful

For lunch, I attempted to turn some leftover brown rice pilaf into my usually foolproof curried brown rice salad (also here). On the first taste I could tell it was going to be one of those days in the kitchen. Sigh. The dressing came out sharp, acrid even - all wrong! I added more coconut milk - and even mayo - to mellow, more curry, more ginger, and more garlic to mask. I even tried agave nectar and then soy sauce, hoping sweet or salty would cancel out that awful flavor. Lesson learned: white wine vinegar does NOT substitute for rice wine vinegar in a pinch. Again, I sigh.

So the rice salad went in the fridge on the off chance some resting would mellow the harsh vinegar, and I turned my lunchtime attentions to something simple that couldn't be ruined by even one of those days. Or so I thought. I mean, what could go wrong with pretzel crisps, apple slices, and a slice of cheese?

Looked great, and should have tasted great, in theory. But it turns out light havarti substitutes for regular havarti about as well as white wine vinegar substitutes for rice wine vinegar. It was like eating pretzels topped with plastic. Uck.

On days like these, I really think it might just be better not to eat at all. Or at least to order in.

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