Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pizza Taco: A Surprising Success

The spicy-marinariness of the Papalote salsa gave me an idea. On my first taste, I casually mentioned that it would be good on a pizza, if diluted a little so it wasn't so spicy. With 2/3 of a jar left in my fridge and more than half of a very large grilled chicken breast marinated in the stuff and shredded, I thought I might as well give that off-hand idea a go.

You know what? It worked! And the salsa added a warm heat, rather than being too spicy as I'd expected. Classic taco ingredients, just layered with the salsa underneath instead of on the top. It's truly a taco borrowing from the world of pizza, not merely a pizza with taco flavors - which lets me count it in my 500 Taco Summer total. I'm excited to explore the possibilities contained within this new method. Maybe this disappointing salsa has some potential after all. This meal was seriously tasty.

Pizza Taco

Corn tortilla
Papalote salsa, or other salsa
Shredded mozzarella
Desired toppings: I used the chicken from my Disappointment Tacos and sliced black olives.
Olive oil PAM spray

Reheat chicken. Spoon a small dollop of salsa on top of the tortilla and spread around.

Top with cheese and other toppings. Generously spray skillet with PAM. Preheat on high. Reduce heat to medium high and griddle pizza taco until cheese has thoroughly melted and bottom of tortilla has browned and crisped.

Eat sliced like a pizza or folded like a taco.

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